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What do our employees think of us?

Adam Ficenec

The work at CertiCon is unique and interesting on account of the company’s informal approach to its staff, something that has not changed as the company has grown. To me, CertiCon principally means calm certainty. I appreciate the efforts that the company is making to make sure it doesn’t have to lay off staff as a result of the global crisis.

Martin Jašek

My own journey to CertiCon was fairly simple. I am from Olomouc, a city with no technical university, meaning that the options for finding work in IT were fairly limited. By chance, however, CertiCon decided to open a branch in Olomouc right at that same time. And so I boarded the train.

Martina Kučerová

The work at CertiCon really does provide me with an unbelievable number of possibilities. We work with modern technology, and even as a junior I have the chance to take part in stress testing our SW and the development of automated tests, for example. Apart from the work itself, there is of course the great team.

Zuzana Soukupová

I came across CertiCon in a catalogue of vacancies and was mainly attracted at that time by its projects in the health service and CCTV systems.

Ondřej Šípka

I love the fact that the work we do here has a real purpose and direct impact on the health and quality of life of patients around the world!

Pavel Říšský

I would recommend CertiCon to anyone who wants to work with competent people in a nice environment on meaningful projects.