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What do our employees think of us?

Ondřej Broža

Besides the great team, pleasant work environment and casual company culture, I would like to highlight the interesting work I am involved in.

Vladimíra Adamová

At CertiCon, I especially appreciate the friendly atmosphere among my colleagues and the friendliness and willingness of the management to adapt to my schedule. The calm working environment creates optimal working conditions so I can go home every day with a clear head and be available to my family.

Martin Jašek

My own journey to CertiCon was fairly simple. I am from Olomouc, a city with no technical university, meaning that the options for finding work in IT were fairly limited. By chance, however, CertiCon decided to open a branch in Olomouc right at that same time. And so I boarded the train.

Zuzana Soukupová

I came across CertiCon in a catalogue of vacancies and was mainly attracted at that time by its projects in the health service and CCTV systems.

Ondřej Šípka

I love the fact that the work we do here has a real purpose and direct impact on the health and quality of life of patients around the world!

Pavel Říšský

I would recommend CertiCon to anyone who wants to work with competent people in a nice environment on meaningful projects.