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Pavel Říšský

Pavel Říšský

SW Engineer

I started out at CertiCon in the position of Junior Researcher, gradually working my way up to SW Development. When I was making my decision, I was attracted by the interesting combination of research and development on a project to create unique SW for the largest European aircraft manufacturer.

I was fortunate enough to have become acquainted with CertiCon at a trade fair while I was still studying. I therefore began building my work experience at the right address, on the 12th floor with the most amazing view of Pilsen. Our numbers keep on growing, however, and so the Pilsen branch moved to the most modern office building in the area, as a result of which we have genuine comfort when doing our jobs and a wide range of relaxation options while at work.

I work on the Epiqa project, which is attractive to many, one reason for this being the wide range of applications. From pure mathematical theory and operational analyses at work on the development of our Scheduler (Rozvrhovač), to up-to-date technology applied to other components.

Given that a large part of my team is based in Prague, I was expecting frequent business trips when I joined up. Over time, however, electronic communication proved to be enough and the trips to Prague have now become more of a welcome variation.

In addition to the openness of the approach and the speed of reaction to stimuli, I am above all still very surprised at how friendly the culture is, in particular the friendly relations with management. The greatest benefit for me is the functioning team, in that we are successfully able to build on original team-building sessions with more than just other sporting events.

I would recommend CertiCon to everyone who wants to work on meaningful projects with capable people and within a nice environment.