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How does our recruiting process work?

The first step to establishing cooperation is that you let us know about you. Just leave a contact or send a link to your LinkedIn account, or attach a current CV.

We will get back to you in the coming days with our response. If we think you might be a good fit for us, we will invite you to come in for an interview.

You will receive an invitation to the interview by e-mail with the interview date and information about who you will meet from our team.

The second round is an interview (personal or remote), where in most cases a project representative, a department manager and an HR representative are present.

You will get our final decision within a week following the interview, at the latest. If you have succeeded, we will contact you directly with a job offer or an invitation to the next round of interviews.

The selection procedure ends when you accept or reject our offer. If you accept the offer, HRBP will contact you, and will provide you with the information needed to start.