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Martin Jašek

Martin Jašek

SW Engineer

My own journey to CertiCon was fairly simple. I am from Olomouc, a city with no technical university, meaning that the options for finding work in IT were fairly limited. By chance, however, CertiCon decided to open a branch in Olomouc right at that same time. And so I boarded the train.

The great advantage of working at CertiCon is that we are split up to work on projects for different customers. I like the fact that each one of us at the branch is working on something completely different. This makes it possible to choose a project in line with technology, experience, and personal preferences. Do you want to save lives, manage production, or work in applied research? And, of course, there is the chance to visit colleagues at other branches, or indeed the customer.

One of the company’s priorities is to make sure its offices are within easy reach of public transport (in Olomouc and Pilsen, in fact, they are right next to the railway station). It is entirely understandable that our offices are fitted with modern furnishings, with space in which to relax and meet colleagues from different projects. And whoever wants to can work from home.

I am personally working on a very small project for a German customer in the automotive industry, for which I am developing an in-house desktop application in Java.