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Zuzana Soukupová

Zuzana Soukupová

SW Engineer

Hello. I’m Zuzka and I joined CertiCon in 2019 after returning from an Erasmus study programme.

I came across CertiCon in a catalogue of vacancies and was mainly attracted at that time by its projects in the health service and CCTV systems. There weren’t actually any positions available on those projects at that time for which my junior level of knowledge would have sufficed. At the interview, however, they told me about a no-less-interesting project in telecommunication systems for rail traffic control. It was not long before I joined as an automatic tester.

I am currently working in a team that focuses on telecommunication systems for air traffic control. I started working on the project in the position of tester, before moving to that of developer, a position that is closer to my heart. I am happy we have such a great team of people at work – at CertiCon itself and on the customer side too.

In my free time I most enjoy heading out on the bike or hiking, ideally ending up at a pub with good, draught beer, best of all a microbrewery. On top of that, I like doing yoga or swimming. And when I don’t have to plan it, I like going somewhere abroad.