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Vladimíra Adamová

Vladimíra Adamová

SW engineer

After two years of medical school, my first job and four years of parental leave, I was faced with a major life decision. I needed to find a job that was stable enough, flexible enough, and well-paid enough to allow me to stand on my own two feet while taking care of my son. The choice fell on programming.

I started self-studying on the recommendation of my partner. Gradually, I completed a few small jobs and took a month-long intensive Java course. Then the door opened for me to a junior position as a back-end developer in a leading Czech software company. I used the year I spent there to further develop myself, among other things, to get an OCA certificate.

When it was time for a change, I was immediately attracted by an offer from CertiCon that exactly met my expectations. At the interview, everything was confirmed and I am still grateful that I got the opportunity to participate in the company’s internal and customer projects as a software developer.

At CertiCon, I especially appreciate the friendly atmosphere among my colleagues and the friendliness and willingness of the management to adapt to my schedule. The calm working environment creates optimal working conditions so I can go home every day with a clear head and be available to my family.